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Mervin Budram…taking soca calypso gospel to a new level

Belizian gospel artiste Mervin Budram is making his presence felt in the soca gospel. He is presently sitting atop the GLN Soca Calypso Top 10 chart. If anyone has a reason to praise God, this Budram definitely does as from the day of his birth God has been showing up and showing off big time!

When he was born he had heart, lung, and liver problems with his parents telling him that doctors had given up on his ever surviving. The miracles continued in his early 20s when he fell off a 20-foot cliff to supernaturally providing for his wedding enabling them to feed 400 people 400 with leftovers with the best part being, it didn’t cost them a cent!

“Most recently He healed my second child who was diagnosed with severe autoimmune disease. I’m grateful for the favour and goodness of God throughout my life and the lives of my family,” he shared with Christian Livity.

All that gratitude is now poured into his music with the Word of God as his inspiration as well as his relationship with Christ.

“Secondly, inspiration is drawn from those I’m called to influence; through my music and ministry, I’m always seeing opportunities how to better proclaim good news to the poor; proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to see those oppressed set free,” he opines.

Budram who describes his singing style as authentic, passionate with culturally infused spiritual melodies with a contemporary cross-over appeal, said he brings a Caribbean praise & worship experience with a prophetic spontaneous edge, that moves listeners to freedom and wholeness.

Sharing on his passion Budram said it is all about inspiring people to freedom and wholeness.

“Too often, people show up with only a fraction of who they really are. It’s my desire to help people come to greater levels of freedom in their lives, whether spiritually, mentally, or financially. I want to help people mine the treasure within so they can be ALL God created them to be,” are his impassioned words.


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