Christafari Band in Belize

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On November 20th, 2022, Mervin had the honor of speaking at the Gospel Fest hosted by the Iglesia Casa de Dios Belmopan Church. The event was held at The Mae Gordon Park in Belmopan under the theme “The Gospel Fest” and featured the Christian reggae band, Christafari, as well as several Belizean groups such as 501 Genesis, and The Levites to mention a few.

People from all over Belize gathered in the capital city for an evening of worship, and dynamic messages. music, and good gospel reggae music.

I spoke on Joel 2:28 “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh;” as I believe God is reminding His church that He is pouring out what we need. The question is, are we building the container to catch and carry it?

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