Be Faithful

“And if you are not faithful with other people’s things, why should you be trusted with things of your own?” – Luke 16:12

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that being loyal and steadfast is one of those muscles that take time to develop; truthfully, it develops best when serving others or working on someone else vision. 

For fifteen years, I volunteered with Legacy Youth Movement. A non-profit organization with a passion to equip, empower and disciple young people in Belize. We hosted conferences, outreaches, workshops, retreats, and various ministry expressions over the years. I started out by offering my talents in music & design to the media team; however, if they needed help in the kitchen, I was there. If they needed help cleaning up the grounds and facility, I was there. I began to document the process for running the conference so other leaders coming behind had an operational guide. I set my heart to serve and be faithful and over time my role & responsibilities increased to the point that I became the director. You would think that now that I’m the point leader I would do my own thing. Well I didn’t, I spent months going over the vision & values of the organization. I read through all the meeting minutes and took note of the things the founders wanted to accomplish. Then I set out to lead the team toward fulfilling the vision and goals of the founders.

After 15 years of serving Legacy, God spoke to my wife and me that it was time to move to the next chapter of our lives and take steps to launch MD Music Ministries and pursue the vision He had placed on my heart to see whole people who know God and express him freely.

What I learned from the years of serving Legacy and other organizations

  • It’s during those moments when you might not fully agree with the way the leader you’re serving is doing something, that you get to trust God in your leader & you get to choose to be faithful and work towards understanding the leader’s heart; while sharing your heart & what you are observing with a spirit of humility. 
  • It’s in those moments of pressure, differences of opinions, misunderstandings & miscommunications in working together with others that our faithfulness is tested the most. will you be faithful, will you work things through, talk about your difference and perspective; and come to a mutual understanding? will you be loyal and faithfully serve? Will you put ego aside? Or will you just walk away?
  • It’s in those moments that you get to choose to be loyal, steadfast, and serve well. It’s in those moments that God gets to see if you can be trusted with more. Remember, what we sow is what we’ll reap. If we can sow faithfulness to others, we will reap faithfulness when it’s our turn.

Be faithful where you are planted and I promise you, God will elevate you in the fulness of time and trust you with your own.

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