Legacy Summer Conference 2016

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Mervin & Ruth are the directors for Legacy Youth Movement, an interdenominational, nonprofit Christian youth organization geared toward equipping, empowering and mentoring youths within Belize and beyond; It’s our desire that each youth fulfill their God-given destiny. Click to learn more about Legacy

ON JULY 14th, 2016, Legacy kicked off our annual Legacy summer conference at the Youth With a Mission Campus in Roaring Creek. Legacy had over 100 youths registered and a leadership team of 22 who came with bags packed, expectation high and an eagerness to meet with God while making new friends.

The weekend was packed and Legacy had an amazing time… many got healed, renewed, delivered, restored and refreshed. I’m very thankful to all the speakers, worship team, and our Legacy leadership team who gave freely of what God has given them. I’m especially thankful for the presence of God.


It was such an honor having the Victory Hamilton Mill Band with Legacy all the way from Atlanta Georgia. These guys carried such a spirit of excellence in their worship before God.  The theme ‘Unstoppable God’ was taken from Romans 8:38-39 which speaks of God’s unstoppable love for us. Our devotions focused on facing the giants in our lives.


Two stories that stood out to Mervin: During a small group, a young man shared how God healed him in one of the prayer times at our conference. He had a growth under his foot and after they prayed for him, it was totally gone.  Secondly, there was a young lady that was very hard and cold when she arrived. She was resistant to everything and being a distraction. Legacy learned the young lady came from a single parent home. Mervin and Ruth made it a point to reach out to the young lady and during the worship session at Legacy, she was at the altar weeping in brokenness as she was receiving the father’s love. God is amazing!


Saturday night was our banquet night. The youths dress up, the guys line up along the walkway; each young lady marches down the walkway as everyone claps at their entrance; a guy then escorts the young lady to their seat and serve the table for the night. We do this to teach the young men to be gentlemen and the young ladies what it is to be treated with respect and honor. We finish up the night with photos, and a live concert from my band, the R1pple 3ffect.

Why do I do serve conferences, do music ministry and make my life and family available to youths? It’s simple. Eighty percent of the kids in the Caribbean are born outside of marriage a half that figure (40%) will never know who their real father is… SCARY FACTS!! My family serves & love because GOD IS A FATHER TO THE FATHERLESS and He wants to father a generation through our lives.

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