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PROMISE (Live Session) A 2023 Worship Release from Mervin Budram – MD is now available

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On January 6th, 2023, Mervin Budram – MD released his first song for 2023 titled Promises. ‘Promises’ was co-written by Mervin & Ruth Budram.

Mervin and Ruth Budram have been writing music together since they were married in 2012 in their hometown Belmopan. Having gone through a major health crisis with their second child Grace, they learned to rely on the promises of God found in scripture as a source of hope, strength, and encouragement. 

In 2020, when the pandemic hit, they knew that the world needed a reminder of God’s promises, so they sat to pen the lyrics for the song ‘PROMISES.’ Promises (Live session) is a contemporary worship song recorded at LifeNet Church in Belmopan, featuring Chanelle (studio vocalist), Paul Flores (Live keys), Sterling Silva (live drums), Khalil Bracket (studio guitar leads), and Dane Linarez (sequence arrangements). 

The song ‘Promises’ focuses on the unchanging, miracle-working, amazing God who holds His children securely in His love. PROMISES cause one to reflect on the fear and anxiety that gripped much of the world in 2020 and the appropriate response of those who trust in God. Reminding themselves of His faithfulness, ability to protect, sovereignty, and all-knowing nature, God’s people reaffirm their faith, trust, and hope in Him as a sure refuge and safe place to hide in seasons of hardship and uncertainty.

Watch the Live Session Video of Promises below

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