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The Exodus Journey

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Freedom is very important to God. It was so important that it was a major part of why Jesus came. For the past couple weeks we’ve been talking about the life of Joseph. While I was up in Atlanta, several of the speakers highlight the life of Joseph. One speaker compared his life to the process wine goes through before it if fit to be poured out. Another speaker spoke about the level of hardship, pain, betrayal Joseph experienced… you name it he went through it… and yet Joseph still manage to come out on top. I recall putting in my notes to study the life of Joseph. You see Joseph is an example of someone who doesn’t make excuses. Whatever situation he finds himself in, he allow God to lead him to the top. Joseph is an example of someone physically being in slavery BUT not allowing slavery to get in his heart. Joseph was in slavery but slavery wasn’t in his heart, however the Israelites was out of slaver but slavery was in there heart.

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