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The Little Drummer Boy Released by MD

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Ironically, the first instrument MD learned was the drum at the age of nine (9.) He enjoyed expressing his heart on the drums. When he was excited, frustrated, or anxious, he would go to the church and take it all out on the drums. Somehow the drum was able to handle the constant beating and pounding and it never reacted back.

It was only natural when he had the opportunity to produce his first Christmas single, he would choose the popular song, ‘Little Drummer Boy.’ The story of a little boy, standing in what was the greatest moment in history; desiring to give a gift that is worthy of The King of kings, spoke to MD. The little boy didn’t have much to give but he had his drums, he had his music, he had a unique sound. He gave that to baby Jesus and his gift was received. WOW! How exciting to think that we can take the best of what we have and offer to the Savior of mankind and He will accept our offering.

MD was so grateful to Joshua Arana, Belize’s best Garifuna drummer, who played the hypnotic drums on the track, Paul Flores of Studio A, the executive producer, on this project, Indira Budram, and his sister Indira, who always jump behind him with her background vocals, his wife Ruth Budram, for inspiring him and writing the wording for the first VAMP and my little girls, Chloe & Grace for being my biggest fans. All of you played a huge part in bringing this song to life. It’s a desire of MD that this song inspires and encourages all who listens… Click here to get the words!


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